recumbent bike for sale

EACH BIKE... handmade in our factory, according to the exacting standards of our engineers and exacting demands made upon them by our community of riders. Spread across the globe on every major continent, we test this bike on every surface, from the back roads of Russia to the back woods of the Americas. Rugged steel construction ensures strength and flexibility where you need it most - in your ride.


  • Type~   Recumbent
  • Gender~   Unisex 
  • Frame~   Steel Pipe  40x40x1,2
  • Brakes~   Front & Rear Disc
  • Seat~   Aluminum 
  • Wheel size~   26 in.
  • Wheel base~   110 cm.
  • Seat angle~   35–45° from horizontal
  • Seat bottom~   height 70 cm.
  • Headset~   1-1/8 in.
  • Frame-set weight~   8.5 kg. 


From the creator...

Features a durable, high-quality powder coating for added frame protection.

Dual suspension ensures a smooth ride on every surface.

The seat is anatomically shaped to the spine, offering low back support. The removable seat cover is made of a breathable material airmesh, reducing perspiration.

The seat angle is adjustable, varying the body position from the more traditional lying down position to a more upright sitting posture.

A handlebar tilts for a perfect fit and adjusts for height and length and together with a sliding carriage adapts the bicycle for any rider depending on his height.

A special mount on the frame can be used for luggage racks.